Audi A5, Attractive and Easy to Handle Vehicle with Worthy Updates

  •   December 5, 2019
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There is an attractive and well-loaded interior as well as powerful engine

Audi A5 not only has cabin luxury and top engine performance but also easy to use tech features. It is a competitive luxury car with excellent opulence of the interior. The range of engines for A5 series consists of powerful motors that ensure efficiency too. Dynamic handling at high speeds and ride comfort are also blended nicely. The car is not new in the auto market and you can find Audi A5 engine for sale without any hassle. Reconditioned Audi A5 engines are a good choice for old cars with problematic engines. Audi A5 engine suppliers are well aware of used car engines’ buyers so they make them good enough to be installed again. The highly-priced base model could be a stumbling block for high sales of units and not enough space for rear seat occupants is also an issue. Engine power varies from 248hp to 444hp and you can select one with suitable output. The all-wheel-drive configuration is standard throughout the range.

Last year model of A5 was fully redesigned

For some experts, it is the best luxury car in the segment. This ranking is based on feedback and evaluation of many research pieces. The transmission has been made sleeker and their performance has improved in the new model. With high performance of the suspension, the ride is decently comfortable. Last year model of A5 was fully redesigned and this year you get almost an identical car. If little changes are not preferred then the previous model should be bought. It kicks off with a higher price and where it could pinch the buyers. As you go up price has increased further but among Audi cars, this price is of middle range and reasonable for buyers of Audi. It is available in coupe, convertible and hatchback bodies so you have the variety to choose from but at a comparatively high price. Handling is excellent, engines make them accelerate nicely and simple infotainment systems to make them easy to use. It is quite close to BMW 4series and you may get stuck to select between the two. While comparing the two vehicles you may find some points of A5 where it is better than the competitor. Active safety features are optional in BMW4 but with A5 you get as standard. With the new model of Audi A5 manual transmissions have been abandoned and the RS 5 Sportback model has been introduced in the line-up. Capacity for cabin occupants is from 4 to 5 and fuel average within the city is up to 23km per litre which reaches to 34km per litre when you cruise on the highway.

They also get support in the form of armrests

Another competitor of this luxury car is C class of Mercedes which is also available in different body styles and with strong pulling machines. The car under discussion once again surpasses this competitor too for infotainment system simple controls. Sportback model offer seats for five but coupe and convertible reduce this capacity to four. Front seats are comfortable as usual but rear seats also offer a comfortable ride for long journeys. They also get support in the form of armrests while the driver has the liberty to adjust with power adjustable seat to get the most appropriate view around while driving. Legroom is ample but sloppy roof limits headroom in a coupe and Sportback models. For child protection, the latch system is there for rear seats and it gets high praise for ease in use.

MMI infotainment system is present throughout

Leather seats are standard and the car offers the biggest luggage area in its class which can increase to 35 cubic feet. For easy loading bulky luggage Sportback model opening is large so not only you get a big area but using the same is also easy. A5 with other body styles miss this and offer small boot spaces. MMI infotainment system is present throughout the range and such things make it a costly choice than rivals. You do not get a touch screen but a seven inches display and a rotary controller helps you to enjoy different functions of the system. This controller is placed on the centre console and once again easy to handle especially when on the move. You can integrate Apple Car-play and Android Auto and this facility are standard too.