Wake up! Because Audi A6 is Not a Dream Anymore

  •   July 12, 2018
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This luxury car provides you the reality better than the imagination of other cars

The Audi A6 enjoys the fierce rivalry with other executive cars like BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class in the hunt of class hegemony. While BMW is popular for exhibiting sporty look and feel and Mercedes for luxurious one, the Audi A6 provides 2 tastes in one flavour being sportier and luxurious at the same time. Starting in 1885 as an individual automaker, Audi has come a long way. Thanks to the company’s dedicated team of professionals and innovative ideas, Audi has won the hearts of many. The Audi A6 is an epitome of company’s enthusiasm for luxury cars.

The awe-inspiring Audi A6 Engines

Audi A6 comes in a range of engines for the comfort and adaptability of the customers. Audi equips the A6 with both the diesel and petrol engines. And in the case of engine failure, you can buy Audi A6 used engines in the UK easily as they are available all over the country on Audi authorised outlets.

Audi A6 Diesel Engines

The brand new Audi A6 has occupied the centre stage ever since its inception. Thanks to its powerful diesel engines range, Audi wins the race of performance and efficiency. Starting from 201bhp four-cylinder engine which is very powerful yet no match to another diesel engine like 3.0-litre V6 50 TDI for. This 282bhp engine is capable of producing extremely fast output and can drag the car from 0 to 62mph in a matter of 5.5 seconds. A major reason behind the enormous success of these engines is that they are fitted with Audi's latest 'mild hybrid' technology. This technology enables the engine to shut down automatically for as long as the vehicle is sailing without acceleration and restarts when acceleration or deceleration is required again. This technology has taken the engine fuel economy to the next level.

Audi A6 Petrol Engine

Producing exceptional diesel engines does not mean that Audi pays no attention towards the petrol engines. Audi A6 comes with an amazing petrol engine variant too which is a monstrous 335bhp 3.0-litre V6 engine. This engine takes as low as 5.1-seconds only to reach 62mph from 0. Both the petrol and diesel reconditioned Audi A6 engines variants are available at the Audi authorized garages.

Spacious and Luxurious Interior

Audi A6 has although seen little changes in comparison to its forerunner, however, you will still be able to notice a few tweaks. There is an increment of the in width which provides a spacious feeling. The wheelbase is also a bit longer than the previous model and due to this increased distance between both axles, the legroom and boot space improved significantly. The front seats are also given a bit spacious arrangement and you can extend your legs without knocking them into the dashboard. The dashboard is quite innovative and designed to improve the legroom. The front seats are given with lots of seat adjustment options and a dashboard so the passengers do not feel hemmed-in.

Strong Safety Features

Audi A6 is undoubtedly a high-quality machine, stuffed with technology and gifted with cool looks, a complete package awaits you. The reliability of this machine is matchless due to mild-hybrid technology and Driver Power survey. Audi A6 is laden with sensors and processors intended to make the driving experience safer. The car is equipped with Tour Package which is a system to incorporate lane-keeping assistance as well as active cruise control. Furthermore, Audi A6 also comes with a City Assist package which enables the vehicle to effectively detect the traffic crossing its path. It’s strong built coupled with emergency braking system ensures adult and child crash protection. Audi A6 has received 5 stars from Euro NCAP crash test. This rating is an exhibition of the standards Audi keeps in manufacturing cars. You can go for this car with closed eyes and it will not let you down in any way.