Audi TT is Quick and Thrilling

  •   August 15, 2018
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When you look at the Audi TT engine it is all about turbocharged range

For sporty fun drive feel and economy conscious buyers, Audi TT is a superb choice because it has combined practicality and all-wheel drive thrill. In fact, it has become even appealing with passage of time since the first model in 1998. Every generation model has leaped forward to keep buyers on toes to think of owning this sports vehicle. It is known not only for high speed, quick acceleration and handling precision but also for the high tech interior layout and it has been built with some of the best materials so nevertheless, it ensures luxurious cabin for the occupants. Boot space is not difficult to access and rear seats get flat to offer more space to carry bigger gears. Nothing can be claimed as perfect but taking into account the price and features it has been offering you get into the preferential list. The choice is great in every class of cars so budget and demand of a buyer finally steer it to one of the many. When you look at Audi TT engine, it is all about the turbocharged range of fuel burners. Three variants of 2.0-Litre are 194bhp, 241bhp and 302bhp and one diesel engine of 2.0-Litre is capable of 181bhp.

Ultra-power producer TT RS 3.5-Litre

If you are in search of the best value of your money then the base level power variant is a confirmed choice. The 2.0-Litre 194bhp power producer is to satisfy all the purchasers who prefer it for sake of power and acceleration. It has replaced 1.8-Litre petrol engine that was less robust than the present one. But if you want even more than this there is 241bhp and it is great output to run a car. It reaches sixty miles per hour speed from zero in less than six seconds. Furthermore, these two engines are available both in front wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Performance of the most powerful engine of petrol range can be imagined and it takes you really fast. But beyond this, there is ultra-power producer TT RS 3.5-Litre that with its 394bhp capacity reaches from 0-62 mph in just 3.7 seconds. As the car has been in the market for two decades exactly so you get Audi TT reconditioned engines in the UK as well.

Suspension options and performance

Standard suspension is a bit firm but overall reasonably comfortable ride. The optional sports setup does not make ride quality suffer. Big wheels option is surely to transform the look of the vehicle to sporty nature but ride becomes bumpy. Adaptive dampers are to give you the liberty of selection of softening or stiffening the suspension according to the driving style. It is an optional feature for cheap models but for TTS it is standard. Steering is to tell you precisely what the front wheel are up to so handling is quite good. It is fast, body lean is least and road grip is remarkable. In wet conditions, you may find front wheel driving models problematic but all-wheel-drive models are rather good in all conditions.

Ultra-Refinement Must not be expected

A sports coupe is not as refined as a luxury car is but this one is a refined one. Wind and road noise may bother you but the engine keeps silent. Manual gearbox with six-speed is not as sleek as of a sports-coupe should have been. On the other hand, automatic speed transmissions are better in functioning so most of you would prefer them over the first option. With space, most adults are comfortable but extra tall adults may find it difficult to fit in there.