Audi A5 Has Four-Wheel Drive and Turbocharged Engines

  •   July 16, 2019
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Practicality factor alive it still proves to be a sensible purchase like Audi A5

Audi has been a sale winning a name for Volkswagen and no critic can deny this fact. This four circle logo has become famous over time among every category of buyer. Be it a family man or a bachelor or the one who wants to have a vehicle that can satisfy both these purposes. Even the commercial side is well attended. The model we are going to talk about is the Audi A5 which has versatile options to satisfy the need for a bachelor and a family person. The three body styles cover the above-mentioned idea well. The convertible covers the adventurous purpose while the coupe lives up to some of the family expectations. The one which can be said to be a fun lover for the driving side and still fulfilling the requirements of a proper hatchback is the Audi A5 Sportback. The exterior has the same fresh sense of styling as in other Audi products. Even though there are not many changes in it but still it meets the modern standards in this aspect. These three body styles are available in Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige trim. There is plenty of technology present and it increases or decreases according to the level of trim chosen. Audi A5 has very capable engines ready to give you the best when ignited.

The one and only brave engine

Brave in the sense that it is the only one which powers up all the A5s. This is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine with an output of 248 hp. The run from 0-60 mph takes a time of fewer than 6 seconds. There is a seven-speed dual-clutch paired to all the A5 trims as the 6-speed manual transmission was dropped when upgraded. There are settings in the system that can change things for the driving side. You can get a different throttle, transmission and steering with every mode. With such a timing associated with an engine, you can get an idea of how much speed will be there on the highway. But still, the car behaves in a much better way when in stable speeds or on curves. While on the run there is not going to be any hesitation from the transmission to change at any acceleration. You have Audi A5 engine for sale to keep the engine replacement option alive. Reconditioned Audi A5 engines have the ability to give the same amount of performance the original one delivery. Audi A5 engine suppliers have the right deals and quality products for the customers.

Describing the handling

Steering is accurate and precise giving extra confidence to the driver. Also the four-wheel drive as standard there is proper tire grip on the road. Due to these two reasons, the turns seem to be effort-free for the driver. Everything in balance makes this car easy to drive also. The thing missing over here is the amount of fun part offered; which is less as compared to others. But to cover this area there is the accurate steering and suspension which helps to promise a sure-footed placement. This is true that not everyone looks for a car with driving fun part so for those it is a good pick. But the refinement is there to impress and the driving ability of the car is amazing. The A5 Sportback is available with the petrol engine so for those who are not a big fan of diesel this one can provide an alternative. The tires give a safe drive even on the slippery roads due to snow.

Discussing interior

Some people might find difficult to enter or exit due to style requirements but still when inside you will love the roomy environment. But the interior comfort depends on the family members. If adults are going to be the second-row occupants and especially the taller ones then there might be some issue. Otherwise, there is a peaceful cabin with quality materials used and the virtual cockpit being an entertaining tool. There is a good list of features and there are changes as the trim level advances. There are also options present to top up the standard line up. Those are useful also and not much expensive.